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pd club
Row two-dimensional code → follow the public number → my membership card → register to fill in the member information → submit successfully to get 300 gold COINS

Equity 1: courtesy of membership

Note: the first time to register for the club, that is, to send 300 gold COINS, gold COINS in the first consumption can be deducted cash.


Equity 2: cash in gold

Note: A. The actual daily consumption amount can be accumulated. 1 yuan of consumption accumulates 1 gold coin

B.1000 gold pieces =100 RMB yuan, 100 gold pieces =10 RMB yuan

[C] gold COINS are redeemed in multiples of 100.

D. The upper limit of gold COINS for single consumption is 1000 gold COINS, namely 100 yuan for cash.


Rights and interests 3: enjoy your birthday

A. members can receive 300 gold COINS from PD company on the next day of their birthday.

B. The date of birth of members registered in WeChat official account shall prevail.

For example, if the customer zhang SAN is a PD member whose birthday falls on March 1, the member will receive 300 gold COINS from the system on March 2


Equity 4: free maintenance

Note: members can enjoy free cleaning and maintenance services of shoes and bags in PD stores nationwide.


Equity 5: product reservation

The member may enjoy the advance payment reservation product service.


Interest 6: exclusive privilege

Note: members can enjoy shoe-stretching, shoe-polishing and other services in PD stores nationwide.